The Adventurer's Guild

The Adventurer's Guild

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Currently In Development, The Adventurer's Guild is a NFT-based RPG. You can create a character, deck them out in gear, and embark on quests ranging from dungeon crawls to fights against powerful bosses, all from Discord! Embark on different quests to claim glory! Dynamic Avatars: See your character in the gear you equip! Customisable builds: Equippable NFTs will be able to be upgraded, with unique bonuses being added at each level. With 10 equipment slots and 5 skill slots, this means that the combinations of gear and skills are practically endless. Rewarding Collectors: Almost every WAX NFT will be usable in The Adventurer's Guild. You'll be able to equip up to 21 non-TAG NFTs to your character for bonus boosts. Loot minted to your wallet! - Each time you complete a quest, you'll get a pack containing your loot sent directly to WAX wallet! Will you try your luck and open it or flip it on the market? The choice is yours! Earn GUILD! You can use it for various purposes within The Adventurer's Guild, or trade it on Alcor!

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