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Humanity has acquired the knowledge and courage to adventure far beyond our solar system traveling to the far reaches of the galaxy. Only recently have we discovered the secrets of intergalactic travel taking us to star systems never imaginable. Intergalactic travel requires a plethora of various resources and components, many of which are exotic in nature. Resources are required for powering the long journey as well as building outposts in the new systems. Task Force I.E.G. was created to perform reconnaissance missions across targeted star clusters seeking out resource rich systems while coordinating logistics for resource collection, transport, and refining at the nearest assembly stations. One of the key strategic stations providing critical support to the mission is known as Pleione in the Pleiades star cluster. Pleione is very rich in resources, but an intelligent race was recently discovered inhabiting the location. They’ve recently became known to the human colonies as the “Oktorph” given their tentacle like protrusions closely resembling that of an octopus or squid. The Oktorph were a docile race where trade and commerce were welcomed. Their species didn’t fear the humans and sought to provide goods and services in exchange for technology and resources. However, as the days passed, excessive mining and trade made the Oktorph more uncomfortable to the point where they were confident that people would eventually siphon off all resources from their system leaving them to die. War was recently declared on the human race as well as any of their associates that support their parasitic cause as they saw no other alternative for the survival of their species and coveted star system.

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