Reta Wars

Reta Wars

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Reta Wars is a simulation game that adds strategic elements to NFT-DeFi. In particular, it aims for a full-fledged Game-Fi that includes all game elements such as role-play, growth, competition, and chance. Hire NFT Heroes, Build your own army. NFT Hero will be with you at the start and end of the game. Players progress through the game by having their heroes produce resources or sending them into battle. All of these actions are directly related to your profits. Heroes become stronger by level-up and equipping weapons. You can expect more revenue through the growth of your NFT Hero. Growth your territory, Contribute to your country. The territory is a personal realm given to players who join the world of Reta Wars. This land is given equally to all. But someone will build a more robust facility and deploy more heroes. And it will produce more resources. Contribute resources and troops to the country of your choice. Now the Reta War begins. Win the battle, Get more Rewards. Reta War is a critical element of the game and the most crucial Play-to-Earn content. Reta War is a large-scale battle simulation in which players are divided into two countries, gather troops and resources for their victory, and fight with precise calculation. As a result of this battle, players can earn Gold Rose Token, the core P2E Reward of the game. The winning country will get 75% of the daily reward pool, and you will be split according to your contribution to the country.

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