Pirates of the Arrland

Pirates of the Arrland

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Pirates of the Arrland is a MOBA and arcade game with a narrative campaign covering many adventures combined with MMO strategic & economic experience, happening on the beautiful but exotic tropical islands. The aim is to complete quests, such as collecting gems, avoiding obstacles, fighting enemies, and exploring the island. All of this to find valuable treasures hidden in chests with real value NFT items! The further you go, the warmer and harder it gets! Every Pirate will have its small private island with only 1 small slot for a building or plantation. Genesis pirates will be able to use this tiny island economically to a limited extent - as long as you have a certain amount of $ RUM on your wallet. The bigger island will be available as a Private NFT Islands with multiple slots, building bigger buildings and running a more complex economy. Due to their fertile land, some islands will be better suited for farms, and others will be better for building a mine.

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