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“Hey! Are you listening to me?" You open your eyes to a creature with inviting curves, quickly putting on a blazingly colored overcoat. “You owe me 5,000 MQST for the rendered service!” She turns and fixes her scarlet eyes on you, while finishing buttoning her shirt. She quickly hands you a small luminous device displaying a message with foreign characters. Without taking the time to translate the content of the message, you take out the same device and lean it against his. The screen suddenly turns red and your one night partner frowns. “You are missing 1000 MQST stranger!” You get up hastily and go through your pockets, then look at her ruefully, shrugging your shoulders. The creature lets out a long sigh. “Always the same with you humans…” She starts typing quickly on her device, then looks at you again. “You have ten days to find me what you need, or I'm going to have to send my boss to you. He's a lot less sexy and accommodating than me! ” A few minutes later, you find yourself strolling through the shopping streets of the small town where you are. When you left planet Earth a few months ago, you were promised extraordinary adventures and financial support that lived up to the expectations that one of the first intergalactic explorers could have had. But nothing yet. You stopped a few weeks ago on the first inhabited planet you found: Asélgeia. However, so far, other than the majestic scenery and the lovely company, results are slow to show up. “HEY YOU, FOREIGNER!” A small, noisy creature pulls you out of your daydream and beckons you to approach. He is completely covered in a thick, long white drapery and moves frantically. When you take a closer look, you realize that this is the first time you have seen this kiosk, even after having walked the market several times. "You are a Terran explorer, aren't you?" You do not answer and look instead at the back of the kiosk where scattered noises seem to come from. “I have a proposal that will interest you!” He starts walking in the direction of the noises and invites you to follow him. You soon find yourself out of sight and the hustle and bustle of the marketplace seems to have completely dissipated in favor of grunts and the clattering of claws on a metal surface. A few cages of different sizes are lined up next to each other and are all covered with a sheet. The little merchant stands next to one of them, then turns to you. “You see, I have some wonderful specimens here that could make both of us very rich. They are commonly referred to as Monsters and are wonderful fighters. The only problem is that I only managed to capture these and are not quite worthy of the Arena. This arena is a place where the best monsters compete against each other and then be sold to wealthy intergalactic owners. However, to find the best monsters, a trainer must explore the most remote places of Asélgeia and surround himself with fighters who are always stronger than the first. When this task is done, you come back to see me and I buy the monsters for you to send to the Arena. Simple isn't it? " You stare at him bewildered, but nodded to his question. “A tellurian of few words, I like it! However, you must understand that it is not an easy task that I am asking you here, if you really want to get rich, you will have to put in the time and the effort! But since I am in good faith, I am willing to help you begin your- our quest. Choose the one you like best, I'll credit it to you! ” With a small stunted hand, he grabs the sheet of the cage and pulls it with all his might.

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