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Lost Relics

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During the era when the great beasts of old lived upon the ground, the clans of the northern realm grew vast in number and spread out across the land. In all manner of things, the people of the clans acquired insight and wisdom from the elemental to the arcane, passing this knowledge down from generation to generation. This time was known as the first eon and is where the very first historical records can be traced back. It was within this period that scribes first sought to record that which occurred at the time, leaving behind an account for those of the future to look upon. As with any world that endures through the ages, there were times of good and times of bad, from prosperity brought about by the emergence of trade to the dark days in the wake of the great eruption of Mount Olkepth and the 'time of the long winter' that followed. Though the single most significant event to occur in history did not originate in Olkepth nor any other land to be found in this world. It originated with those from other places in the universe. Two obstinate races, with intellects ascended yet fierce, were entwined in a battle of colossal scale called 'The Deception War'. The Deception War resulted in much loss of life, knowledge and power. The only remaining remnants of the war lay forgotten, scattered around the universe. To this day, they are known as the Lost Relics.

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