Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club

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Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-IP, cross-platform (PC + Mobile) PvP fighting game where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through our play-to-earn mechanics. Since we started building in August 2021 we have partnered with a number of projects, players can play with characters from our official partners including CyberKongz, Illuvium, BYOPills (+ many more) as well as projects with CC0 rights such as Cryptoadz. In our own collection, each Genesis Galaxy Fighter generates 5-15 of our in-game currency $GCOIN daily, total supply of the Genesis Galaxy Fighters is 10,129. BATTLE AND WIN REWARDS No matter which NFT collection you own or even if you don't own any NFTs at the moment, you can participate in Galaxy Fight Club to play and earn. Players that win 3v3 team matches will have a chance of winning Silver Key Fragments which can be combined into lootbox keys to unlock valuable weapons & armour NFTs. The key fragments, lootbox keys and even the loot themselves are all on-chain NFTs and can be sold on Opensea or any other marketplace. EARN $GCOIN ALONG THE WAY $GCOIN is our in-game utility currency that is needed for almost everything, from opening loot boxes, forging weapons, training Gen 2 fighters. $GCOIN are only generated by Genesis Galaxy Fighters by holding them in your wallets, the other way to obtain them is through secondary markets. $GCOIN is fundamental to progressing in the game in order to become stronger and obtain better armour & weapons. Visit our GCOIN page to learn more on how to purchase $GCOIN.

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