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What is Metaverse? There are no certain description for the ultimate form of Metaverse. However, we are certain that a combination of VR or AR games cannot be defined as Metaverse. For instance, Roblox, an enclosed game, can't be defined as Metaverse. ARK: Survival Evolved, which is a massive sandbox game that has better performance in creativity and immersive, is not the form of Metaverse either. From our perspective, Metaverse is a top-down ecosystem composed of numerous projects. We stand up for one of the most vital criteria for judging the Metaverse is for living rather than for gaming. The so-called Metaverse is a figurative experience of our digital existence. In real life, it means that mankind must be able to have income, consumption, and obtain the resources that has an impact of reality at the same time. From our perspective, Metaverse is a world where asset property must be identified. It is for sure that Metaverse cannot be developed without blockchain and NFT. In 2021, The presence of play-to-earn mode within blockchain games rose from this industry and shocked the world. Play-to-earn mode means that human can make a living from Metaverse to change our ways of living in real life. The world of Metaverse is not just a world for entertainment nor a place where people pay to win. It should be a world where people can play to earn. It should be a world where private asset property can be certainly identified. Metaverse is more than just a game. DPWK aims to create a digital community with access to an infinite number of universe. We hope to construct a world of kitties where people can play to earn freely without anxiety and sadness.

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