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1. Each war is called an epoch. The duration of a single epoch is 86400 blocks (3 days). There is a settlement period of 600 blocks (approximately 0.5 hours) after the end of the epoch. 2. Players are required to obtain the initial elements to enter the warzone by investing in BP. Then, they will be able to use element casting to obtain battleships that belong to the defensive fleet of the camp. Casting formula: 200,000 Element Gems = 1 battleship. 3. Players are required to deploy the battleships obtained by casting them into the Defense War. Each battleship can only participate in the Defense War once a day to obtain the Guard Power. The upper limit of the Guard Power that can be obtained in a civilization every 28800 blocks (1 day) is 10. The Guard Power is only effective in that particular epoch and the number of times a battleship can participate in the Defense War will automatically be reset on every 28800 blocks. 4. At the beginning of the epoch, Prophet will display the elemental gem that was blessed in the war by using ChainLink’s randomly generated numbers. It will not directly name the gem but only specify its Reputation Value. The Reputation Value depends on the rise of the five totems of the respective civilizations (BTC / ETH / BNB / USDT / DOGE). If Prophet indicates the gem with the second highest Reputation Value in an epoch, which happens to be BTC for example, and the player happens to place the gem in the Bit Empire, then he or she would win the war of the said epoch. 5. 3.5% of tax will be deducted for any redemption of gems (except in special circumstances), where the tax will be turned over to the Highest Civilized Federation. Among them, 0.5% will be used to burn BP, and the remaining 3% will be accumulated (real tax). After the end of the epoch, the real tax will be: 15%: Distributed evenly to the Guardians of the winning camp according to the proportion of each player’s Guard Powers. 35%: Used for the repurchase destruction of the elements of the winning camp (3.5% tax does not apply). 50%: Accumulated and added to the tax of the next epoch. The system will then be repeated.

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