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Colony Online is an immersive social metaverse where a society of toons (known as the Colonists) built utopian earth-like habitats on the Moon which are now playgrounds for chic materialism, party lifestyle, and mini-games. We are the first AAA-quality, blockchain-based social MMO being built on Ethereum with true interoperability built-in. This means players will be able to play Colony Online as a guest with any Colony-compatible NFT avatar they choose. A Social Hub for Ethereum NFTs Bored Ape, Cool Cat, Meebit, Colonist- we don't discriminate. Log into Colony Online with any Ethereum NFT avatar you choose and enjoy the fun. As long as you own a Colony-compatible NFT (any collection we've made 3D, rigged, and textured in-game models for) you can play Colony Online as an official guest and earn our ERC-20 utility token by playing mini games. Although we allow for interoperability with other NFT collections, Colonists remain the only avatars that are true Colony Members. Colony members get the full-suite experience of Colony Online and have more customization options for their avatars. Colony Online is set for a public launch in early 2023. NFT Interoperability We're building our game on the Ethereum Layer 1 blockchain, which means we have compatibility potential with any ETH-based NFT avatar collection. Think BAYC, MAYC, Meebits, Cryptopunks, Cool Cats, etc; Unreal Engine 5 We have a team of game developers with years of hands-on experience inside of Unreal Engine. Unreal 5 is home to advanced graphical capabilities which align with our long-term vision for Colony Online. Crypto Economy Players will be able to earn $GWAP (our ERC-20 Token) by playing competitive online mini-games in Colony Online. $GWAP will be spendable on cosmetics, upgrades, in-game items, and more.

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