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The emergence of blockchain technology, web3.0, DAOs, cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens, the hype and momentum of NFTs, metaverse gaming and pandemic influenced relationships between humans and computers, all combined have turned into a perfect storm that will revolutionize the way mankind interacts with computers, games, finance and technology. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone with a vision on what direction this revolution will take, to express and create themselves into the metaverse. Diving into these new platforms in a way that is fun, interesting, profitable and sustainable, all at the same time can be a difficult task, this is what the Bloomverse platform has come to solve, a game where everybody profits with a model that’s sustainable and engaging for the long term. There are many Gamefi NFT and crypto games on the market, with many more being developed, but most of them are isolated in their own niche and perspective, not to mention lacking in quality and ingenuity. The ones that have gained momentum have dire problems on the horizon, hyperinflationary risks and unsustainable tokenomics. We have solved that problem with our own, unique gamification model. The BV if the first game that wants to link brands, retailers, content creators, players, investors, speculators, artists, casual gamers, influencers, fans and and e-sports followers into one interactive platform with its own ecosystem and economy, where everyone can come participate with a purpose and gain something from it, both online and offline benefits that go way beyond converting tokens into fiat. We have two main tokens, Blooms (governance token) and Bloomies (in-game token). Our tokens are built on the Solana blockchain. Solana based tokens are referred as "SPL" tokens. Welcome to the company wiki! Here you'll find everything you need to know about the company.

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