Block Babies

Block Babies

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If you think these are just a bunch of adorable-wide-eyed-squishy poster babies, think twice! Introducing you to the Lead Babies or the star performers who battle and quest to gain experience and to climb the nursery leaderboard. With each baby possessing attributes like adorability, persuasion, patience, sleep skills, appetite, playfulness, obedience, kindness, intelligence and dexterity, these babies are your gateway to gaining experience and earning subsequent rewards! Power that oozes and eyes that gleam, Watch out for the ultimate team! Team Babies do not possess any attributes of their own. But hey! If you ever had to count on a team member to give you an edge over your rivals, team babies are the ones you should be looking for to purchase. With Force team babies who fight basis a specific attribute, Defence team babies who stop your rival’s attack and Attack team babies who raise your ability to attack, a lead baby then becomes unstoppable! Watch out for these munchkins who always got your back! Rare and invaluable, making enemies frighten, Battle intensifies with each item! Just how could one miss talking about items while talking about the team and lead babies? Indispensable to the battle and questing experience, these items can either be used to quickly increase the stamina, experience and skills of your lead babies or can be used within the battles to provide them with an edge. With Attack and Defence properties, these cutesy nursery items are a must have for any player! Can’t get enough from trainee babies? Catch some waves on a bidding spree! We know that you’re raring to have some of these rug rats light up your nursery. And if you’ve been soaking in the multiplayer experience in Block Babies with our ‘Trainee’ lead cards, then this next bit should perk you up; Vulcan Market. Our adorable leaders and team babies are released in ‘Waves’ using the blockchain process, and unless you’d rather wait till the next wave, you should try your luck at the Vulcan marketplace. Get your FIRE bids in on some sweet deals and auctions there, and find the most adorable little chubsters for your team!

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