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Get direct user feedback
of the future
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Market of the future with familiar features

Market of the future with 
the familiar features
Detailed game descriptions, reviews, search by name and category, featuring, access to closed Alphas and Betas of developed games.
Collecting feedback from players
Collecting feedback from players (ideas, bugs, improvements), both in the form of feedback and simply in the form of direct feedback through available channels.
Track potential holes in the "economy"
The ability to monitor potential holes in the "economy" of the game by observing the community of players. Reading their instructions.
Insert new events in the game
The ability to use the platform to talk about new events in the game, about events related to projects or the development studio itself.
Use guilds contacts for new partnerships
Analysis of competitors' performance 
in a single service.
Analysis of the effectiveness of competitors in a separate service. All blockchain games will be with us, interesting ones can be peeped.

API for advanced analytics

Use one API to collect analytics data, across any platform. We have SDKs for Javascript, iOS, Android, and 20+ server-side languages.

More features
in development!

Bots for Telegram, Discord and Slack! Mobile applications!
Games, guilds and developers data
Manage your b2b profiles from Slack workspaces
Use our bot for your communities

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